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Drum Clinic DVD


Ace Drums Presents: Angel Bartolotta – Drum Clinic (DVD)

Released in 2014

Length: 01:03:31

$10 (email to order)

* DVD can be signed/personalized upon request


On 2/1/14, Ace Drums in Venice, FL hosted it’s first drum clinic with National Recording Artist, Angel Bartolotta. This DVD showcases Angel’s history, from the day he bought his first drum set, to his current music projects. With stories from the road, studio experiences and lessons learned, this DVD shows the entire clinic, including all of the songs and Q&A from 4 camera angles and pro audio.




Dope – “5 Song Medley”


Dope – “Addiction”

Team Cybergeist

Team Cybergeist – “The Dream”

Being A Hired Gun

Switched – “Inside”

Knowing Your Role (w/ Q&A)

Crossbreed – “Breathe”

Playing To The Song Pt 1 (w/ Q&A)

Genitorturers – “Kabangin’ All Night”

Playing To The Song Pt 2

Genitorturers – “Devil In A Bottle”

More Dope

Dope – “Now Or Never”

Theatrics, Equipment & Endorsements (w/ Q&A)

Switched – “Exterminate”

Recording With Dope

Dope – “6-6-Sick”

New Team Cybergeist

Team Cybergeist – “Rip The Stitch”

Raffle, Show Announcement & Credits