Angel Bartolotta



All ages! All levels! All styles!


As an official member of the DW Drums Department Of Education, the D’Addario Education Collective, and a certified member of the National Association Of Rudimental Drummers (N.A.R.D.), Angel Bartolotta has been teaching students of all ages, from 2 years old to 80+, for over a decade. He specializes in beginner lessons, but also works with intermediate and advanced players who are looking to learn something new.

With over 20 years of world touring and major studio sessions under his belt, Angel offers much more than the average drum instructor.

As an added bonus, all students will have access to the STUDENT ZONE, a site that offers exclusive lessons, videos and a forum open only to Angel’s students!





North Port, Port Charlotte and Venice, FL

$30 – $35 for weekly 30 minute lessons




North Port, FL

$25 for weekly 30 minute lessons

Ages 10+  (consultations available for younger students)








The perfect way to start your journey as a drummer! These lessons cover stick control and technique, music reading, rudiments, warm-ups, coordination, beats, fills, double bass, and stick tricks. All ages and skill levels welcome! Includes Certificate Of Completion!

* “SoYouWant To Be A Drummer” book sold separately.



A fun and easy way for kids (ages 4+) to learn how to play the drums! Students will use The Dinosaur Method, an easy-to-use lesson plan created by Angel Bartolotta that uses different dinosaur names and sounds to make music reading and drumming easier, more understandable, and most importantly, FUN!!! All lessons include illustrated worksheets, dinosaur prizes, and some extra surprises for the drummers! Includes Certificate Of Completion!

* “Jurassic Drumming” book/CD set sold separately.



This course, for beginners and advanced drummers, concentrates on the importance of right and left foot independence. Learn beats, fills, and master speed & endurance! All ages and skill levels welcome! Includes Certificate Of Completion!

* “Double Bass Boot Camp” book sold separately.



A class for the intermediate/advanced drummer looking to expand their coordination, independence, technique and overall skill level. The lessons are centered around the 40 International Drum Rudiments. It’s a modern approach to playing rudiments on the drum set. Learn the history of the rudiments as well as over 1,000 exercises using rolls, paradiddles, flams, drags, buzz rolls, beats, fills, double bass, hybrid rudiments and more! This course is open to all ages. Includes Certificate Of Completion!

* “RudiMENTAL Madness” book COMING SOON!



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Testimonials from a few of Angels students:


“Angel is a great drum teacher. He is able to be patient enough to teach my 8 year old and then switch gears to teaching me all while getting the lesson to sink in for both of us. There is not a better teacher around with as much experience and enthusiasm! For everyone who wants to learn drums, Angel is the one!” – Matthew Tomer (30 years old)


“Angel is one of the most exciting and energetic drummers that I have seen on stage. As a student, his perfection for his craft is instilled in you and explained in a way that anyone can understand. Anybody that desires to play the drums should take lessons from Angel as he is second to none.” – Stevon Gardner (33 years old)


“Man! If you want to learn how to play the skins, baby, let me tell you something… Angel is superb. Superb!” – Gordon Noble (82 years old)


“What is a “teacher”? A teacher is patient, caring, understanding and energetic. Angel possesses all of these traits and I consider him a good friend.” – Walter Whisenant (51 years old)


“I have learned so much from Angel and he’s pretty awesome when he plays the drums. Here are some of the reasons why I think he is a great teacher. One, if you need help on something he would be happy to show you again. Two, if it gets difficult he will slow down the tempo and give you a beat on his drums to assist you. Three, he loves to have fun and interact with you and he knows how to make things more easy if it’s hard for you. But most of all he just rocks!” – Austin Watkins (12 years old)


“A+++ teacher.” – Randy Brendel (30 years old)


“Angel is a great teacher because he’s teaching me all these music notes that I never knew about and I like lessons because I get to learn about all kinds of different musical instruments!” – Samantha Ferguson (9 years old)


“Lessons with Angel are fun and I always leave knowing how to do something new. The lessons are upbeat and exciting!” – Brandi Stiffler (15 years old)


“As a student of Angel’s whether you’ve played drums before or haven’t touched a drum kit in your life, he explains step by step each note, beat, and rhythm until he makes sure you understand it before moving on to the next exercises. After catching a Team Cybergeist show for the first time, I realized going to Angel for lessons was the right choice by the amazing power and dedication he has behind that drum kit. Amazing drummer.” – James Hansen (29 years old)


“Angel is an awesome teacher and he is very patient. He makes learning fun!” – Will Hawley (13 years old)